6 Common Foundation Mistakes You’ll Never Make Again!

A flawless base will bring your entire makeup look together. But even the most experienced foundation connoisseur can make the occasional beauty blunder. Wave goodbye to streaks and patchiness with our guide to fixing six common foundation mistakes!


1. You're applying foundation like a mask.
Full coverage isn’t necessary for every occasion. The truth is, you don’t need to apply foundation to your entire face every day. Foundation should be used to even out your skin tone and mask any redness, so only apply it where necessary. We recommend avoiding your hairline, and opt for concealer when it comes to hiding blemishes. For a lightweight coverage, we’re loving: Giordani Gold CC Cream

2. You're stopping at the jawline.
Ok, so we just said “don’t use foundation all over your face”, but when you do, pay attention to your neck - nobody likes a visible foundation streak along their jaw line. Blend foundation well and sweep any excess product down your jaw and neckline for a seamless transition between your face and the rest of your body. Our full-coverage obsession: The ONE Everlasting Extreme Foundation.

3. You're using the wrong powder.
If you find that your foundation turns darker as the day wears on, you may be applying the wrong powder over it. If a powder has too much pigment in it, it may change colour as your skin gets oilier throughout the day. Try using a loose translucent powder instead. It works on every skin tone and tends not to cake.

4. You're using the wrong lighting.
Often people mistakenly apply their foundation in a badly lit bathroom or in very bright light; neither will do you any favours! Remember this simple truth: If your skin looks good in daylight, it will look good in any light. So always apply your foundation in natural light – outdoors or facing a window for best results.

5. You’re not using a primer.
A Primer will help your foundation stick to your skin and go on smoother. Plus, it keeps foundation from disappearing as the day goes on. Try The ONE IlluSkin Face Primer for best results.

6. You're using the wrong tools.
Your fingers can retain bacteria, dirt, and oils, which you don't want to spread all over your face - especially if you’re prone to breakouts! The right tools will help you apply foundation faster and easier. A sponge will help you blend and distribute colour evenly, so that your finished look appears as natural as possible. Apply foundation to the back of your hand, then dip a damp sponge into the formula. Blend from the centre of your face outwards for best results!

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